Les Triomphes – tarot deck

My current project is a serie of big trumps  (about 9x18cm) called « Les Triomphes ».

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Its basic structure is modeled after a tarot trumps serie with influences – among other things – from Viéville’s ca. 1643 tarot  and the Anonymous Parisian tarot from circa 1600, this is in no way a servile reproduction and not everything will match your usual tarot trumps serie – for the better.

The deck is fully handmade, each card is studied, designed, engraved and printed with many care, magically overcharging the cards through both the symbolism making process. The serie is not yet achieved, but preorders will be available soon.

The complete serie will also be available later as a handmade print collection.

Each engraving is about 9x18cm, the cards will be around 10x20cm.

Even though the structure is based upon the Vieville’s tarot pattern, I decided to work in a much bigger size in order to add even more creativity and personal inventions in it. Relying on my thorough study of the tarot which started decades ago and other experimentations and investigations in the divination and “mystico-spiritual” fields, the cards are slowly and precisely drawn and elaborated to infuse a maximum invisible in them.


My goal is to create a traditional serie of trumps which also integrates a modern vision of tarot, which also connects to the various fields of modern esoterism, and which is also filled with genuine old school and modern magic.


The number of prints won’t be limited, although as with my previous deck which ended at 32 copies, the handmaking process naturally limits the serie, and the decks will be numbered anyway.


A note to collectors about my pricing strategy : as you may have noticed before my pricing aims at favoring early customers, hence the public price is raised as the deck is produced, this to ensure collectors they’re making a good investment when buying one of my decks.

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