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Triomphes de Paris Fac Simile 1st edition vs Second edition

Since the second edition is available, the Triomphes de Paris fac simile first edition has reached the “collectable item” status. There are – at the moment I’m writing these lines – five copies available – they are intended for those exhaustive collectors among you, dear readers, as in my opinion, the second edition is, quality wise, superior to the first edition.

The 1st ed cards are a bit thicker, but the cardboard is less sturdy, lighter and less opaque than the second edition’s. The 2nd edition features a 310 g/cm² french origin cardboard, linen finish, a much better and accurate printing quality and a more elegant and redesigned back (as simple as the first edition’s, but more detailled and with better, deeper colours).

Here are a few pictures comparing both editions, on the left the discontinued first edition, on the right the second edition, click the pictures to zoom :

back comparison 2
The second edition’s back has more “realistic” colours and a softer tone
Printing quality has been improved on the second edition, with a higher dots-per-inch ratio, and better rational halftones.
The linen finish, here made visible with an exagerated oblique light, makes the cards handling much softer, and give them a textured property in adequation with their overall “vintage” look.

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