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Triomphes de Paris fac simile 1st ed. … let’s finish with a few surprises!

There are now only 4 copies left (edit : as of 21st august 2013 there is no ocopy left) for the first edition of the Triomphes de Paris fac simile.

I wrote in a previous post here about the differences between the first and second editions, and although I prefer the second one, I know some people liked the thickness of the first – but that’s how it is, there won’t be anymore first edition !

Anyway, the next three orders for the “triomphes de paris fac simile 1st edition” will each receive along with their deck one of the three signed “épreuve d’essai” – taken from  early prints of the original deck – as illustrated on the left. The last deck ordered will receive a unique signed enveloppe containing three authentic cards from the Triomphes de Paris – some of those rare cards that didn’t make it to one of the 32 deck  (when other cards in the deck were damaged or misprinted, or when an extra sheet was printed “just in case”).

Also if you decide to order both the first and second edition, not only wil you receive either one of the three signed “épreuve d’essai” or the three cards, but you’ll also be able to enjoy a 10 € discount by using the coupon TDPFS1AND2

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