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Food for thoughts for the summer

Two very interesting images as a source of meditation about the Tarot iconography and engravings.

First one is for all those who wonder what level of mastery reached the average cardmaker. Better than words, here is an anonyous woodcut from circa 1550 representing Henry the VIIIth on horse (click to enlarge) :

henry VIII à cheval 1550 - godet pub. 118209Now how skillful do you feel this is compared to your average XVIIth century playing card ?

Second illustration is an awesome “etching rubbing” by Cantelupe de Henzell Herbert (hence possibly from a glass engraving), a typical “huguenot” criticism of the papacy (1575-1600) :

Herbert - pope as satan 1575-1600The great Jean-Marie Lhôte pointed out back in the 1970’s (in “Le tarot, discours en forme de catalogue en forme de catalogue à propos d’une exposition sur les tarots réalisée par la Maison de la Culture d’Amiens”, La Bibliothèque Volante n°1, avril 1971) how such images remind us tarot amators of our beloved cards, this one with a Pope as a horned devil with wings will probably interest all tarot lovers.

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