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In an old box… Triomphes de Paris and Triomphes MMXII are back – not for long

Doing some sorting in old cardoard boxes I stumbled upon a totally unexpected stock of some of my out of print decks (no, no Palimpsest Lenormand there, sorry for those who keep asking about this deck).

There I found 15 copies of the Triomphes de Paris fac-simile 2nd edition, which is a good news for those who wanted to buy the last remaining copies. Also were three copies of the FIRST edition, among which was one with the extra and quite rare “ECVREVIL XXX” card (it was only available in the first run).

Even more unexpected, there lied four signed copies of the TRIOMPHES MMXII which were probably put aside for someone who forgot to ask for them, and I totally forgot they even existed.


The most curious oddity I didn’t remember existed is a very peculiar slightly larger than life Triomphes de Paris facsimile, poker sized and printed on plastic cards ! Plastic cards do sound great (and I mean “sound” as in noise), they tend to be subject to scratches if not taken care of properly, normal use on a playing card textile is allright. Five copies only were ever printed, and a single one is still wrapped in its celloplastic enveloppe. This so-called “Deluxe edition” was initially created as a prop for a movie – but the director decided to (or had to) cancel the Tarot reading scene, so the cards were never used (the movie was a nice one though). Illustrated here is another copy which I unwrapped that I’ll keep for my personal collection. I never went ahead and published a plastic or regular poker sized facsimile, although it was a really nice size for this fac simile. Alas this project happened a little moment before I had suddenly so many quality problems and delays troubles with my former printer.

If any of these items interest you, please contact me privately through email at (the TdP 1st ed. with the extra card is gone already and only 13 2nd ed. are remaining as I am typing this).

I think everyone with or without a facebook account can see this link which has more pictures

2 thoughts on “In an old box… Triomphes de Paris and Triomphes MMXII are back – not for long

  1. I assume these are sold out now?

    1. Hello Paul,

      The small Triomphes de Paris facsimiles are gone indeed, the TRIOMPHES MMXII are available, and the bigger plastic bridge cards sized Triomphes de Paris fac simile had not been put up for sale as of now (nobody asked about it).
      I may produce the bigger version on regular cardstock, if there’s enough interest and demand and it it can be crowdfunded, I’ll probably work a bit on that matter when I’ll be done with “Les Triomphes” engraving work (only one card a half and I’ll be finally done!)

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