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Happy 2018

May 2018 be great for all of you !

I’ve been working since the end of 2015 on “Les Triomphes”, I’m about to finish the pre-ordered decks, thanks to all the people who gave me their trust for their patience.

On the “more affordable” range of product, I’m extremely excited to announce a completely new serie of facsimiles of the Triomphes de Paris, handmade, starting with a limited Blue edition of only 12 copies, at a regular price, and a unique handpainted deck also pretty affordable for the collectors.
The handpainted serie will probably be produced one by one with different caracteristics, this very first copy is printed on a luxury 300g aquarelle paper and the drawings are retouched by hand.
The regular fac simile will be printed next on white paper, some new limited editions on coloured paper, and if the demand is sufficient maybe a “deluxe” version with glued backs (although I find the new back design, inspired by the handmade back design for “Les Triomphes”, quite satisfying).

See below and in the store !

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