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Aut Academic Staff Collective Agreement

All AUT staff can use our hospitality program. Staff members who have personal problems that affect their work or privacy may receive counselling interviews as part of the program. Our employees can study at AUT without paying tuition fees. This requires the agreement of your supervisor, as it must be work-oriented and may depend on working hours. We support initiatives such as internal and outsourced training and scholarships. You will also receive time and resources for professional development if you have permanent employees or a fixed-term contract of more than 6 months. If you are a permanent employee, you can use the three AUT gymnasiums and gymnasiums for free. This also includes group fitness classes. At AUT, we value people and their time because our people are the key to our success. A true work-life balance is important and we strive to support your professional and personal development.

At AUT, we want to be a place where people like to work and learn – so we offer you a number of ways to help you grow. Our employees can participate in workshops, programs and events in all areas such as speech, resilience, leadership and tutoring. And if you`re over 65 and you`ve been at KiwiSaver for over 5 years, we continue to pay the percentage of employer contributions. Full-time permanent workers can also apply for a special leave plan that is worth 80% for a period of time. You will then receive a period of paid leave. As a collaborator at AUT, you can expect many benefits and services. We can offer flexible work opportunities if practical: these options are “four for five years” (work for four years followed by one year of leave) and “two for two and a half years” (work for 2 years followed by 6 months of leave). You can also use other AUT facilities and services. Some of them are: If you have decided to make KiwiSaver contributions from your salary, AUT will compare the contributions to 3%.