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Customer Agreement Ig

Please note that, for regulatory reasons, we can only open an account to customers with sufficient experience and understanding for derivatives. Please keep in mind that our products may not be suitable for everyone and that you should only fill out an application form if you fully understand the risks involved. Sharenet offers a CFD trading service through IG. This section contains everything you need to open a CFD trading account, including IG terms and agreements. We are a small ground company with big ambitions! In all our jobs, we focus on 100% of customer joy. High quality processing and best practices are our driving force in everything we do. We know that the work we do often represents significant investments for our clients, which are a commercial contract or a private garden, it is important that our clients receive great value. We think it is important that the task we leave is a proven task. This goal is achieved through the use of quality products that, thanks to our knowledge and know-how, contribute to the realization of your final vision. The scholarships mentioned below require a specific agreement from you before we can give you access to their data.

Please fill them in and return them separately to get this data. You can trade stock indices, currencies and other instruments online without concluding any of these agreements. If you are concerned that these non-professional use agreements may not apply to you, please contact us on 27 (0)21 700 4800 or father-mail: and we will be happy to help. Our goal is to put our customers at the heart of our work and we strive to ensure that we understand the needs of our customers and that we provide fair results and positive experiences. If you want to trade individual shares online, we provide you with these price streams. However, the stock markets themselves must receive personally signed end-user contracts before they can provide you with the prices. Our customer agreements govern our relationship with you and all the CFDs you have signed us. We take important steps to avoid poor consumer outcomes and invest in process, training and culture to avoid unsatisfactory customer experiences.

We regularly seek out and verify customer feedback so that we can actively address any concerns. The quality of our order execution underlines our commitment. We never start prices again, and outside of our defined tolerance margin, our price-enhancing technology allows our customers to get a better price if you become a trade. These are important documents, so please read them carefully. . We help our customers limit their losses. They can attach guaranteed stops to their positions so that they know their maximum loss when they place a trade, while our close-out screen (COM) automatically closes customers` positions when their margin has been significantly reduced. As of May 31, 2020, 99.99% of accounts receivable were subject to the AUTOMATIC COM procedure. Legal disclosure within the meaning of the Financial Advisory Intermediary and Services Act, No. 37 of 2002 (LOI ON THE LOI) This communication is made available to you in accordance with the rules of the Financial Services Authority (FSA). You don`t need to send money to open an account with us.

SharenetCFDs offers CFDs on SA equities and the SA40 index via a national account and more than 10,000 international markets when you open an international account. You can see this information for each of our products here, updated on an annual basis. Compliance Department IG Markets South Africa Limited 1 Sandton Drive Sandton 2146 South Africa If you are classified as a private customer and do not feel that your complaint has been resolved satisfactorily by the compliance department, you can forward your complaint to the Financial Services Board.