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Ybaa Central Listing Agreement

1.4 The broker will endeavour to establish all relevant facts regarding all vessels for which he agrees to be on the list, in order to enable him to provide a fair and honest description of the vessel. 3.4 When a broker receives a centralized list, he or she will endeavour to distribute the offer to brokers as soon as possible. Centralized announcements and common open lists are generally shared on the basis of commissions, agreed in advance as a political issue or by cooperating parties who are negotiating for a specific sale. If the central broker or lender were to show the boat or carry out work that went beyond the usual efforts to make the listing and negotiation with the Seller available, the commission agreements should be reconsidered by the parties involved. Connect with your association, industry and professional colleagues via the YBAA website. In addition to regularly updated lists of YBAA`s active members, the website contains the latest benefits for members, conference plans and links to key business and industry information, YBAA statutes and the Code of Business Practice. All members will receive a free offer that will make it easier for customers and other brokers to find you. 3.6.c. If a buyer attempts to continue negotiations with a member of the exchange agent`s business and persists in not being willing to cooperate with a broker to whom he has made a prior offer, the appropriate response is to inform the buyer that he may choose a company other than the listing company to continue negotiations. If it wishes, the listing company can provide a list of YBAA members from which it can choose another broker. 2.2 The broker does not acquire for a family member, his company, his affiliate, or a business in which he has an essential ownership interest, nor for the vessels listed with him or his company, and he does not purchase for himself any means of purchase without making the holder of the stock exchange known the actual position. When selling vessels owned or in which he has such an interest, all these facts should be disclosed to the purchaser. The YBAA Membership Directory is your comprehensive resource for all YBAA member brokerage companies, affiliates and individual brokers, including services, sites and websites.

The directory also provides a comprehensive list of association services, training programs and members` benefits, including the YBAA Code of Ethics – Business Practice and industry resources.