MINI palimpsest Lenormand

Now available again as Print On Demand the useful mini version of the Palimpsest Lenormand 3rd edition deck, 14.90$ (about 13.60€) only plus quantity discounts available for resellers. Buy MINI Palimpsest Lenormand

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palimpsest lenormand 3rd ed

Palimpsest Lenormand 3rd ed

I’m really happy to inform you that a third edition of the Palimpsest Lenormand is finally available. It will be distributed as print on demand by PrinterStudio so I won’t have to manage stocks and shipping, as I can’t afford the time being currently working on Les Triomphes . You can get them through this […]

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In an old box… Triomphes de Paris and Triomphes MMXII are back – not for long

Doing some sorting in old cardoard boxes I stumbled upon a totally unexpected stock of some of my out of print decks (no, no Palimpsest Lenormand there, sorry for those who keep asking about this deck). There I found 15 copies of the Triomphes de Paris fac-simile 2nd edition, which is a good news for […]

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Les Triomphes are not here but closer than ever

So here it is official at last ! I’ve been working almost non stop on my next deck during the last months, and it is still not finished but the first round of preorders is already open. The special price of 300€ shipping included will only last for the first 10 preorders, then shipping will […]

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henry VIII à cheval 1550 - godet pub. 118209

Food for thoughts for the summer

Two very interesting images as a source of meditation about the Tarot iconography and engravings. First one is for all those who wonder what level of mastery reached the average cardmaker. Better than words, here is an anonyous woodcut from circa 1550 representing Henry the VIIIth on horse (click to enlarge) : Now how skillful […]

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Triomphes de Paris the little black booklet

Great news for tarot lovers

Several great news on ! First : a companion booklet for the Triomphes de Paris, the little black booklet, is finally available starting right now (english only) as digital download. Second : any buyer who bought the Triomphes de Paris deck or fac simile (1st or 2nd ed) from or directly from me […]

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Bernardin Suzanne : no gender ambiguity

(note : this was written back in 2011 but was left unpublished in drafts)  Some copies of the quite late (1839) “de Marseille” tarot pack by Bernardin Suzanne have regularly been seen on auctions for a few years. A peculiar gender ambiguity has been spread about this tarot cardmaker… A rapid Google investigation shows that […]

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Happy new year 2014

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Buy original prints : plenty of new handmade items

You’ll find a selection of framed handmade prints in the “handmade” section of the shop. Those are original designs, carved and printed by hand, in frames, all are dated and signed, and it’s still time to get them for christmas ! Don’t miss the decks too !

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New vintage and second hand items !

A Fournier TDM, egyptian and indian themed decks, and more to discover in the “Vintage” section

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Triomphes de Paris fac simile 1st ed. … let’s finish with a few surprises!

There are now only 4 copies left (edit : as of 21st august 2013 there is no ocopy left) for the first edition of the Triomphes de Paris fac simile. I wrote in a previous post here about the differences between the first and second editions, and although I prefer the second one, I know […]

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« Tarot, Jeu et Magie » the must-have catalogue

Any serious tarot amator must have this catalogue : written by the internationaly acclaimed expert Thierry Depaulis it is now available as a digital edition Gallica :

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