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Triomphes de Paris Fac Simile 1st edition vs Second edition

Since the second edition is available, the Triomphes de Paris fac simile first edition has reached the “collectable item” status. There are – at the moment I’m writing these lines – five copies available – they are intended for those exhaustive collectors among you, dear readers, as in my opinion, the second edition is, quality wise, superior to the first edition.

The 1st ed cards are a bit thicker, but the cardboard is less sturdy, lighter and less opaque than the second edition’s. The 2nd edition features a 310 g/cm² french origin cardboard, linen finish, a much better and accurate printing quality and a more elegant and redesigned back (as simple as the first edition’s, but more detailled and with better, deeper colours).

Here are a few pictures comparing both editions, on the left the discontinued first edition, on the right the second edition, click the pictures to zoom :

back comparison 2
The second edition’s back has more “realistic” colours and a softer tone
Printing quality has been improved on the second edition, with a higher dots-per-inch ratio, and better rational halftones.
The linen finish, here made visible with an exagerated oblique light, makes the cards handling much softer, and give them a textured property in adequation with their overall “vintage” look.

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Mini Palimpsest Lenormand are in stock

The Mini Palimpsest Lenormand are finally available for order. Check their page !

Also, new product categories are scheduled to be added to the website soon : “vintage and second hand” where you’ll be able to find some vintage, out of print or hard to find decks, and “handmade products” where you’ll find prints, original drawings etc…

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Exhibition at “L’antre Monde” bookshop

In may and june 2013, exhibition featuring new engravings and cards at L’Antre-Monde bookshop.

Blockprints and cards around tarots, cartomancy, alchemy, and the infamous witchfinder general’s “the discovery of witches”.

Opening celebration on may 10th 2013 from 6:30PM to 9PM

Librairie L’Antre-Monde, 142 rue du Chemin Vert, 75011 Paris

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Coupons and news

couponmay2013DOS vide 0PREVIEWTo the left : 10 coupons of a €4.00 value available till may 8th 2013 (non cumulable) for any purchase on : simply enter the coupon code maymmxiii on checkout !

There are a few copies left of fac similé des Triomphes de Paris first edition : it’ll soon be replaced by a second edition with slight modifications. To the right still the same 6,35×4,45 cm dimensions, but with a new back design, as sobre as usual but even more detailed, french origin casino quality cardstock 310gsqm – plastic coated linen finish. Available very soon !

The Palimpsest Lenormand should be available within a week.

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Exposition « Art du jeu, Jeu dans l’art »

Signalée par Sésame sur le forum traditiontarot, l’exposition « Art du jeu, jeu dans l’art, de Babylone à l’Occident Médiéval » se tient jusqu’au 4 mars 2013 au Musée de Cluny à Paris.
On y peut admirer 7 cartes des célèbres tarots ferrarais dits de Charles VI, c’est assez exceptionnel pour le signaler et y faire quelques visites avant la fin de l’exposition !

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Exhibition « Tarot en 22 triomphes »

tarot_affiche_web_2012fhFrom novembre 3rd to december 30th 2012, exhibition around the Triomphes de Paris, the Triomphes MMXII and blockprints by Bertrand Saint-Guillain.

Cards, blockprint, linocuts and drawings taking the shape of a ludibrium with and around the auld tarots, master cardmakers and cartomancy.

Opening celebration friday november 9th 2012.


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Tarot en 22 triomphes – exposition du 3 au 30 novembre 2012

Une exposition de travaux modernes, d’une poignée d’objets et de cartes, autour du tarot se tient du 3 au 30 novembre à la galerie de la librairie Mona Lisait, 211, rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, Paris XI (au premier étage).
C’est votre serviteur qui expose les créations et les coulisse liées à Triomphes de Paris – On peut y voir des tirages originaux, ceux des « triomphes de Paris » mais aussi d’autres gravures visibles pour la première fois, des tirages surdimensionnés de dessins réalisés pour les « triomphes MMXII », des planches informatives, des jeux de cartes…

Le vernissage se tiendra en décalé demain, vendredi 9 novembre 2012, de 18h à 21h.