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Sophos Partner Agreement

Sophos offers a series of training courses to partners, tailored to their needs and know-how. All Sophos partners have access to our certifications through the Sophos Partner portal, available on request. Certification courses run by a course manager are held monthly throughout the year, with different dates and schedules that meet the schedules and needs of our partners. SophosOnline training via sophos Partner Portal – Sophos Partner PortalInstructor-led – industry partner updates and themes – Sophskills and Web Events To participate in the Sophos Channel program, you only need a signed partnership agreement. There is no revenue or certification requirement to become an Authorized Partner sophos. « computer, » the use of the licensed product, including non-persistent deployments using web agent technology, z.B. ActiveX: (i) on or on the call of an email server, your computers that may receive emails from that server; (ii) on an Internet proxy or other gateway device, your computers capable of connecting to that proxy; (iii) on a database, your computers that can retrieve data from that database; (iv) digitize data, computers, workstations or any other electronic device capable of recovering this data by other means; (v) on a virtual machine on which an operating system operates, any virtual machine operating at the same time and (vi) on a computer other than a server, your computer, « documentation » any documentation provided by Sophos (whether electronic or printed) that is attached to the products granted. `End user license agreement` means this end-user license agreement for Sophos and the calendar. « expiration date, » the date that can be set in the calendar. « tax, » the licence fee for the products granted and the assistance fee (if any).

« licence term, » the licensed clause covered in point 3.2 of the end-user license agreement. « Conceded Products » refers to all programs (as the context allows) of the programs listed in the schedule, as well as documentation and one of the updates and updates of these programs. « Cost for the products granted » refers to the amounts you pay for a license license. « Maintenance » refers to group updates and/or updates (if for the product conceded) and standard technical assistance or advanced technical assistance if you have paid a support fee. `Media` refers to objects on which data can be stored, including, but not exclusively, CD-ROMs, tapes and floppy disks, or any other medium containing the software provided by Sophos.