Custom made “Triomphes de Paris”


Handmade to order cards



In stock (can be backordered)


This page is to order the fabrication of a handmade “Triomphes de Paris” deck.

IMPORTANT There’s a minimum one month and a half delay starting from the order to the end of the fabrication though it might occasionnally take a longer time (and on occasions be a bit shorter).

Although faces will be hand printed (new prints not recycled ones) with the original plates, your deck won’t match the now sold out original serie in the following aspects :

  • it’ll have a different back than the original edition
  • cards won’t be two heavy sheets like the original serie, possibly three or four sheets cards.
  • although artistic quality papers will be used, papers will be different
  • your deck will be unique and won’t be numbered and won’t feature the original number card

Apart from these points, it’ll be traditionally handmade following the descriptions you can find at the “Triomphes de Paris” page, but it’ll be a unique item.


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