Mini Palimpsest Lenormand – pod edition


first edition is sold out but new edition is available as POD


36 cards in the german « Lenormand oracle » style, miniature edition

This is the miniature version of the Palimpsest Lenormand
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This smaller size enables your four lines Grand Tableau to fit in a rectangle 26x42cm (10.23”x16.53”) !

both versions (standard and mini) are sold separately

1.75”×2.5” (44.45mm×63.5mm) cards, “casino quality” smoothly coated cardstock, 300 g/m²

Palimpsest : masc. noun, A palimpsest (/ˈpælɪmpsɛst/) is a manuscript page from a scroll or book from which the text has been scraped off and which can be used again. The word “palimpsest” comes through Latin palimpsēstus from Ancient Greek παλίμψηστος (palímpsestos, “scratched or scraped again”) originally compounded from πάλιν (palin, “again”) and ψάω (psao, “I scrape”) literally meaning “scraped clean and used again”. ( )


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