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Ha the 1980’s ! No other time could have enabled the creation of this weird mildly erotic Mad Max inspired oracle deck !

This deck published in 1986 comes with all its 52 cards, a booklet in French, German and English, and the original box (which is a bit used but still very sturdy). Definitely reserved to adults, it was conceived by the then famous (according to the booklet at least) “Mage Dessuart”, a parisian seer.

The strange back of the cards shows a desertic landscape that appears as a background on the cards fronts, so they form a wider landscape when put side by side, a nice design idea if you ask me although the style is far from my favourite. Cards wider than tall.

Each card corresponds to a standard pack French card, which is more or less visible within the card, below the illustration is the card name or oracular indication, both in French and English.

In a few words, if you lived in the 1980’s and loved the time, you’ll probably love this deck, if you’re more modern or classical, then you might love this deck with a sensation of guilt.

Several ladies with very  few clothes on appear within the cards, but nearly no male half nudity, and nothing too harsh, just a semi-vulgar kinkyness, as erotic as a swingers party prologue maybe ?


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