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« Les Triomphes » is a deck of blockprinted trumps (“major arcana”) composed of an entirely handmade, drawn, carved, printed, assembled serie of original reliefprint designs. Interested in preordering ? see full description below to send an email.

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The engravings being completed there is no more preorder.

second preorder round limited to 5 copies

« Les Triomphes » is a Grand Trumps deck. It takes its inspiration from the usual tarot pattern with some twists and variations, and takes its inspiration from XVIIth century tarot decks – among other things in the Jacques Vieville’s tarot, the anonymous Parisian tarot, Mittelli’s elegance, etc…, with all my personal creativity, knowledge and experience of tarot and magic layered upon this, and what the wind asks to put in here and there.

100% handmade, a completely original design is created for each card that also keeps and enhances all the authenticity of the traditional tarot.

By ordering this item, you reserve one of the first (one out of eleventh to fifteenth) copies which should be available in june 2017 – to which should be expected the manufacturing delay. (on the 17th of may 2017, I have one last card to carve)

pre-orders are personalized items and are not refundable.


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