Sibylle des Salons – Dusserre fac simile (1980s)


One of the finest french cartomancy/oracle deck from the XIXth century


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53 beautiful 8×12 cm cards, very heavy cardstock, square corners. used but nearly as new.

Lithographic designs by Grandville from the XIXth century are well rendered in this gorgeous reproduction features all the 53 cards in 8cm wide and 12 cm tall cards, created from the originals as they are kept in the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

Published by Dusserre in the 1980s, this particular luxury edition has been out of print for several years, not to be confused with the cheaply produced and much smaller reproduction sold nowadays. The deck features 53 cards instead of 52, the added card “la Sibylle des Salons”, is intended to be used as a “significator” card.

Much different from the “petit lenormand” decks, the illustration cover a wider and more detailled range of people, situations, actions, in a the dramatic and funny style of a great caricaturist.

Cards are coated on the fronts.

The box is nearly perfect, safe for a small flap partly torn and a little dent in the inner plastic case. All cards in perfect condition.


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