Sol et Luna, aut Salamandræ – framed blockprint


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Handmade print in frame, dated and signed, original design inspired by the famous alchemical illustration from Daniel Stolcius’ Viridarium Chymicum– white frame and mat.
Frame dimensions : 32x32cm.

In the Viridarii Chymicii, this image corresponds to figure XCVII, described as:

Excrucies Aquilam,lachrymas dum fuderit illa,
Debilis horribili tum Leo morte cadet.
Illius est Sanguis thesaurus maximus Orbis :
Hunc lachrymis Aquilæ jungito dives eris.
Namque lavant una, mox consumuntur amore,
Naturæ similes tum Salamandra tuæ.


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