Tarot Astro Karmique de Eric Jansen


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1991 deck, but it could compare to the Oracle Dessuart in its “nineteen eightyness”.

This very curious deck published by Dusserre is of course not a tarot at all, despite the name. It has very thick cards but only 36 of them, among which 22 are illustrated (ha 22 ? something tarot maybe ! after all) : 12 for the zodiac signs and 10 for the planets (you guessed it : Uranus is featured). What about the remaining fourteen cards ? Well they indicate in full text the two lunar nodes and the twelve astrological houses.

This copy features the less common square corners which makes it a rather collectible item.

This deck is clearly oriented towards adults who can appreciate a certain kind of androginous male nudity, as most of the cards faces feature naked young men with few to no body pilosity, although not engaged in any direct and explicit sexual behaviour.
The backs are illustrated with a rather calming blue and lightly cloudy sky.
The box, being second hand, shows some wear but is nevertheless fully functionnal and complete. Booklet is included and in French.


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