Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Shipping and packing expenses are indicated before finalizing your purchase. They are evaluated following the current rates of the postal services and can’t be refunded.

Shipment delays can’t be guaranteed, within France shipping can be as short as 48 hours but can take 7 days. For foreign destination (all the world but France) maximum shipping delay is 10 weeks, but is usually shorter (from one week for Europe) – except with exceptional accidental circumstances (including but not limited to natural disasters, wars, etc…).

Shipping is done within two working days, in general the day of the purchase or the day after (“the day of the purchase” meaning the day the payment have been received by the seller).

Payment is available through Payplug or Paypal for international destination, bank transfer may also available at the buyer’s expenses on specific demand.

Returns and money back guarantee are available for products which are unique or part of limited series or personalized, except where not applicable or when mentionned otherwise. Products delivered immediately (such as, but not limited to : downloadable products) are considered as “au comptant” purchase and same limitations apply.

The official language of the website is french, the english translation is provided for the buyers comfort, but in case of difference of interpretation between those two languages, the interpretation of french will prevail and the french version will be considered the only accurate version.

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2 thoughts on “Terms and conditions

  1. Are NONE of your items in stock? I am interested in bnuying a deck of your work.

    1. Hello, only POD items are available (really nice Triomphes de Paris there), nothing will be available from me while the preordered “Triomphes, pages… Eschaton” are not finished and delivered

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