F.A.Q. Triomphes de Paris

Where do the images come from and where can I find them  ?

Each image on the Triomphes de Paris is an original design, I created, drew and carved them – they were inspired by the Jacques Vieville Tarot – and can be seen only on Triomphes de Paris deck. Thereof, any reproduction is prohibited without the author agreement.

What are the differences with an industrially printed modern deck ?

Backs won’t be as equally identical, drawings won’t be as evenly exactly centered.

In fact, evey card’s aspect are more subject to variations than on an industrially or modernly printed deck. Cutting won’t be as homogenous as the decks you may be used to know, the lines may not be of the same intensity on each card – even if the sortings operations intend to create deck as homogenous as can be, variations due to the way the cards are printed, glued, cut, smoothed introduce variations.

Those details are also what makes each deck a unique piece, maybe also does it give each deck his particular mojo !

Can these cards be used for cartomancy and divination ?

Depends on your beliefs and habits, if you’re into card reading then the answer is most probably yes.

Smal imperfections from the craftsman hand shouldn’t be a problem. Even though their work must have been a lot more precise and constant than mine, ancient cardmakers didn’t produce cards with modern industrial cards’ consistancy (or monotony ?). This doesn’t stop Antoine Court de Gébelin and the C. de M.to use them for a divinatory purpose, neither did it bother cartomancer using tarots since then.

Moreover, if you’re into card reading since a certain time, you may have noticed that the aging of your favourite decks didn’t impact their efficiency for your divinatory (or whatever else) practice. Maybe you even know an elder card reader whose old and rounded tarot deck is stained by time and has a nice patina.

Should a special care be taken with these cards ?

Yes, they will be probably be more fragile than cards finished with a modern chemical varnish. Watch out for excessive moisture or excessive dryness, and sudden hygrometry variations. Also note these cards are not washable, so beware of the stains, try to handle them with clean hands if you don’t wan’t to customize them too quickly ! Apart from that, just treat them with the same care you take for regular cards, remembering that they are a serie of handmade prints and not a digital print !

If you wish to keep in good shape the wrapping paper (the enveloppe), which is also hand printed, tage care to unfold it gently when you’ll unwrap the deck for the first time !

How many copies of each edition and how many editions will be made ?

The first and unique edition has reached 32 copies. The details can be found on the Triomphes de Paris archive page.

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